Celebrating Wisdom


Celebrating Wisdom

Renewing ministry for a changing church

A course for clergy and ministers of the West Midlands who want to renew their vision for their ministry

This course is more of a workshop / retreat than a conference, and aims to encourage the recognition and celebration of the wisdom acquired through years of ministry. It also aims to enable the discernment of continuing vocation and gifts, to release energy and set free imagination for the next stage of mission and ministry.

The programme involves:

  • a regular rhythm of prayer and worship: offices, eucharist and lectio divina
  • personal reflection activities and exercises
  • extensive facilitated group work - ‘Wisdom Groups’
  • space for rest and recreation

The Wisdom Groups are central to the course, learning from experience and critical reflection upon life and our ministerial journey.

The course will be hosted by the Revd Preb Nick Helm of Hereford Diocese with a team drawn from the dioceses of the West Midlands.

Who is it for?

The programme is for those in mid to late minstry with more than 10 years of ordained experience. It is particularly valuable for those wanting to ‘take stock’ and ponder the next phase of their ministry - whether its time to move posts, shift gear, or keep on keeping on. It provides a process for reflecting on vocation and discern the future. We have a maximum of 20 participants on the course.


By the end of the course, we hope you will have gained:

  • renewal of energy for your ministry and discipleship
  • re-envisioning of your ministry in a changing church
  • encouragement to offer your skills and experience beyond the parish
  • (and perhaps, greater clarity about whether to stay, or to go!)

Upcoming dates:

This course runs annually. 

The next opportunity to participate is 12th - 16th July 2021.

At some point, if we have the choice, we will need to decide whether this course will be residential at Holland House or will be on zoom. We are aware some may feel unsafe to be in person, while others may not want to book if on zoom. If you decide to book please indicate whether you will only attend if residential, only attend if on zoom, or whether you will attend whatever is decided. Your choices will influence the final decision. 

Venue: Zoom or Holland House, Cropthorne, Pershore WR10 3NB

The Wisdom Groups will be on Zoom, and one other zoom meeting each day. The rest of the time is devoted to individual reflective exercises. If you can carve out time and space at home this course will maintain the reflective focus it is intended to have and not be too 'zoom heavy'. There will be online resources in the form of videos and handouts to support the process. 


This course costs £620 per person. Your contribution would be travel only. The rest of the cost will be borne by your diocese.

What do I do now?

If you wish to find out more about this course, please contact your diocesan CMD officer or administrator who will send you further details. You can find their details under the Contact tab.