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About Us

The Church of England in

Birmingham - Coventry - Gloucester

Hereford - Lichfield - Worcester

West Midlands CMD is a collaborative approach to clergy development by the six dioceses of the West Midlands Training Partnership. Each diocese has a CMD officer who is licensed by the bishop to support clergy learning and development. In addition to this local provision, the six dioceses of the West Midlands Training Partnership are committed to working together to offer high quality training and development opportunities. We recognise the broad spectrum of challenges and opportunities facing clergy today, and have a shared vision for enriching and supporting deacons and priests through the whole of their ministry. Each CMD officer takes the lead in a different part of the programme, which together enables us to offer bespoke training in every phase of ministry.

West Midlands CMD officers: 

Mark Pryce - Birmingham
Director of Ministry
The Revd Canon Mark Pryce 0121 426 0429

Naomi Nixon - Coventry
Ministerial Development Adviser
The Revd Naomi Nixon 02476 521 304

Naomi png

Helen Sammon - Gloucester
Officer for CMD
The Revd Canon Helen Sammon 01452 835551

Nick Helm - Hereford
Ministerial & Spiritual Development & Curate Training Officer
The Revd Preb Nick Helm 01584 871 082

Nick Helm

Lesley Bentley

Lesley Bentley - Lichfield
Director of Ministry
The Revd Lesley Bentley 01543 306227

Jonathan Kimber - Worcester
Director of Ministry and Discipleship
The Revd Canon Dr Jonathan Kimber 01905 732 812

Jonathan Kimber