Handling Power


Handling Power

Transforming Ministry in a Changing Church

A residential course for clergy and ministers of the West Midlands who want to recognise and transform the way they handle power in their parish(es)

The archbishops have called on us to re-imagine ministry. Reducing numbers of stipendiary clergy are leading to changed patterns of ministry, with the majority of stipendiary clergy now responsible for more than one church or parish. Collaboration with lay leaders, self-supporting ministers and other licensed or authorised ministers has become a more important aspect of leadership within the parish. The expectations of the laity within our parishes are sometimes unchanged as are the expectations of the local community. All this and many other factors of parish life, such as buildings, can lead us to situations of conflict.

All human behaviour is strongly shaped by the extent to which one feels powerless or powerful, and the choices one makes to exercise power in particular ways. Yet Christians are often uncomfortable talking about the subject. This course offers an opportunity to reflect on our own handling of power, and on our responses to the way other people handle theirs. At its heart will be the completely counter-intuitive teaching and example of Jesus: become as little children. Participants will work with case-study material from their own parish context, and explore, through experiential exercises, the dynamics of power. 

Who is it for?

This course is for clergy and ministers of the West Midlands. It is part of a suite of three courses dealing with power, conflict, and change, and may be taken at any stage of licensed ministry. Whilst many people choose to take all three courses, each of the three is a standalone course and may be taken on its own.

Upcoming Dates:

The course will not run in 2021.  This page will be updated with future dates in due course.


Shallowford House, Shallowford, Stone. Stafford. ST15 0NZ


This course costs £300 per person. Your contribution would be travel only. The rest of the cost would be borne by your diocese.

What do I do now?

If you wish to find out more about this course, please contact your diocesan CMD officer or administrator who will send you further details. You can find their details under the Contact tab.